OABGC Quarantine Game Rules

  1. Points will be tallied from Monday-Sunday at 8pm every week
  2. We will have different age groups (6 & Under, 7-10, 11-14, & 15 and Up)
  3. Winners will receive a prize each week and will have monthly winners as well if the quarantine lasts longer.
  4. Points will be given for
    1. Throw and Catch a football (1pt per throw and catch)
    2. Shoot Basketball (1pt per shot)
    3. Throw and Catch a baseball/softball (1pt)
    4. Hit golf ball (1pt per shot)
    5. Hit softball/baseball (1 pt per hit off of T, soft toss, or thrown to)
    6. Kick soccer ball (1 pt per kick into net or against wall)
    7. Hit volleyball (1 pt hit person to person or against a wall)
    8. Hit Tennis ball (1 pt hit person to person or against a wall)
    9. 15 minutes of ball handling drills (25 points)
    10. 15 minutes of dribbling soccer ball (25 points)

If you would like to post a video of what you have been doing please post and tag the Orrville Area Boys and Girls Club. We will also have different drills and “how to” videos on our Facebook page so please continue to check back reguarly. Email results to bthistlethwaite@oabgc.org.

Download Quarantine Log (Excel Spreadsheet)

Download Flyer